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Roll away the day with our favourite Rose Quartz Roller. 
A radiance-boosting face roller to reduce puffiness and revive glow.

Works as a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce puffiness and fine lines by increasing blood circulation and encouraging oxygen supply to the skin’s deeper layers. The result is revived skin with a natural, healthy tone and glow.

How to use
Apply your favourite Skinstitut serum, moisturiser or oil to freshly cleansed skin. With the larger roller, start in the centre of the face, gently rolling outwards and upwards towards the hairline. Move to the chin, rolling outwards towards the ears, and down the sides of the neck. Use the smaller roller gently around the eyes area. After use, clean both ends with a damp cloth.

Keep your Rose Quartz Face Roller in the fridge for boosted soothing comfort and to banish morning-after puffiness. Those with recent dermal fillers, wait two weeks before use.

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