Hydrating Mask ~ any 3 Skinstitut products for $109

Skinstitut products for $109:
Skinstitut products for $159:

Special YPS Team tip, we like to mix 1 pump of Ma Oil for a thicker more luxurious feel.

Repeat after us: masking is a must. Whether your skin is thirsty, dry, dull, or stressed by life etc, 10 minutes of self-care with this hydrating mask will remedy all of the above. The skin wins are: luminosity, plumped and perfected skin, and fine lines in soft(er) focus.

  • Instantly deals with dehydration with nourishing hydrators

  • Improves luminosity and radiance

  • Plumps and smooths fine lines

  • A multi-vitamin concentrate protects and serves

  • A great weekly skin boost or for pre-event prep


Evenly apply a smooth film to a clean face and neck, including around the eyes and over the lips if desired, and leave for ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, gently pat dry and apply skincare. Use weekly, before an event, or as often as needed.

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