Looking to treat teen breakouts, acne or scarring? Ready to kick-start your journey to skin happiness? YP Teen System is what you want.
This treatment is specifically designed for teen skin, and customised to suit your skin type and concerns. It includes a holistic consultation addressing diet, stress, lifestyle, sport and any other contributing factors; followed by a deep steam and cleanse, professional exfoliation and manual extractions. Your Dermal Therapist will help you achieve skin happiness by teaching you about your skin, how to care for it and how to maintain it.
Regular treatments will improve circulation, remove dead skin cells, ease congestion, calm inflammation, improve scarring and minimise sites of infection.
For breakouts, acne and scarring we recommended treatments every 2-3 weeks initially. You can then move to one treatment every school holidays to maintain your skin happiness.

YP Teen System New ~ $79
YP Teen System ~ $79
YP Teen System Intensive ~ $99
YP Dermalogica Teen System ~ $109