Waxing services

Let’s make your bits look better

YP’s signature waxing technique has been perfected over many years, underarms, legs, backs and bikini lines

An unbeatable alternative to shaving, waxing delivers long-lasting results, cares for sensitive skin, and is easier and safer to maintain.

Waxed areas of hair grow back thinner and paler than before and stay smooth for 4-6 weeks, giving you care-free skin and no-fuss shower time.

Waxing for women

Bikini ~ $25
Brazilian ~ $60
Lip/Neck/Chin/Ears/Nose ~ $15
Full Face (includes 4 areas) ~ $60
Underarms ~ $20
Legs ~ $35
Arms ~ $35
Stomach ~ $20

Make my bits look better

Waxing for men

Chest ~ from $25
Back ~ from $35
Neck ~ from $20

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