Cosmetic injectables

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Call it what you will. Here at YP, we call it full face rejuvenation.

YP’s Nurse Georgie is one of the best Advanced Cosmetic Injectors in Brisbane and is known for her holistic, comprehensive, considerate approach to injectables.

Georgie uses a whole-face method of treatment, taking into account your face shape and structure before treating individual areas.

This approach ensures a look that is soft and subtle yet noticeably improved. Georgie is experienced in many injectables techniques and technologies including PDO Threads and Non-Surgical Facelift.

Cosmetic injectable methods can be used to treat a range of concerns beyond aesthetics, such as gummy smiles, headaches, jawline structure, excessive sweating and ageing.

Here at YP, we understand that the world of cosmetic injectables can be confronting which is why Georgie offers complimentary no-pressure consultations so you can discuss your unique needs before going ahead with treatment.

Cosmetic Injectables ~ from $99

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Cosmetic injector Cleveland

Cosmetic injector Cleveland

Georgie, Advanced Cosmetic Injector

Complimentary consultations are available to book online.

See Georgie's work on Instagram: @voilaesthetique and Facebook: @voilaesthetique.