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"Your skin presents what's happening inside your body; it's your largest elimination organ. So if your body can't eliminate via the usual methods (sweat, toileting), it's going to come out on your skin. This applies to hormones and other toxins, too."

One of Brisbane's top Clinical Nutritionists, Carissa Mason, specialises in gut health, hormones and functional testing. She is known for her results-driven, no-fuss approach to health. Carissa works with our Dermal Therapists to identify and treat the root cause of skin conditions, with an emphasis on education for long-term health.

Using this joint approach between Carissa and our Dermal Therapists, we treat clients suffering from hormonal skin conditions including acne and breakouts, inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, rosacea) and recurring skin issues like intrinsic ageing. Often these conditions link back to underlying leaky gut, PCOS, 'The Pill', or other hormonal imbalances.

Utilising functional testing and nutritional interventions through food and supplementation, Carissa can get your gut and hormones back to normal function, and you'll begin to see huge improvements in your skin. But when we also treat the skin with quality skin care and treatments, your progress can be truly accelerated!

Initial consultation, 90 min ~ $220
Follow-up consultation, 30 - 45 min ~ $120

Fix my skin, gut + hormones

 Nutritionist Cleveland

Carissa, Clinical Nutritionist ~ Carissa Anne Nutrition

To learn more about Carissa and her approach, find her on Instagram and Facebook: @carissa_anne_nutrition