Peppy co

Cleansing Egg


This silicone face egg with ultra-soft anti-bacterial bristles will deeply cleanse your skin without causing any irritation. Sonic vibration ensures that the gentle bristles massage and penetrate the pores to ensure that 99.9% of impurities are removed. 

- Suitable for all skin types. 

- Gently exfoliates and removes dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. 

- Sonic vibrations boosts blood circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, increasing the production of collagen and elastin to restore skin's firmness and elasticity.

- One time purchase. 

- Wireless charging, up to 300 uses per one charge.

- Waterproof design. 



STEP 1: Complete your first cleanse, but avoid drying your face. 

STEP 2: Wet your cleansing egg & turn on. 

STEP 3: Apply your second cleanser on your face or cleansing egg. 

Step 4: Start to glide your cleansing egg in a circular motion all over your face. You can also adjust the speed while you cleanse. Rinse off and pat dry. 


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