What to Expect Before, During and After Your Skin Treatment

Have you ever wanted to know what Dermapen feels like? Which skin treatment has the least down-time? Or have you been asking Dermal Therapist Google which skin treatment you need? You’re in the right place. Here, we share what you can expect before, during and after your a skin treatment, right down to the sensations and sounds. We also cover your treatment’s recovery time and how frequently we recommend having it. 

Before your skin treatment 

When you arrive for your skin treatment, you’ll be greeted by our lovely reception team. You may be asked to fill in a client consultation form to disclose medications and any other relevant medical history. Next, your Dermal Therapist will introduce herself and guide you to your treatment room. 

If you’re new to Yes Please or haven’t visited us in a while, you can book a complimentary consultation with one of our Dermal Therapists before booking your skin treatment. 

Ready to book, but not sure which treatment you need? Book the ‘I don’t know what I want’ experience; a 30 min or 1-hour appointment where one of our skin-savvy therapists will help you choose the perfect treatment and kick off your journey to skin happiness.

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During your skin treatment

  1. Once in the treatment room, your Dermal Therapist may ask you to remove any clothing covering your neck and may provide you with a robe (subject to COVID-19 restrictions). Now that you’re relaxed in your plush treatment bed, your Dermal Therapist will begin a holistic consultation of your skin concerns, at-home routine, diet, lifestyle, hormones and any other contributing factors. You’ll also discuss budget, skin goals, the time you have available for treatments and maintenance, as well as any special events you’re counting down to, like a wedding or school formal.
  2. Next, your Dermal Therapist will begin with an essential oil inhalation, deep cleanse and steam. She will also take pictures of your skin so that we can track your skin journey. When we look at our own skin daily, we don't always notice the progress, so we love to capture it in-clinic so we can celebrate your progress together.
  3. By now, your Dermal Therapist will have had a good look at your skin and together, you will discuss a proposed treatment for that day, and an idea of a long-term plan.
  4. If you’re having the ‘I don’t know what I want’ treatment or the ‘YP Bespoke’, you may have a combination of two or more of the below treatments during your appointment, depending on what your skin needs. 

We use the most advanced technology available to help you nail your skin goals so you can feel your youest you.


Dermapen skin needling Cleveland

Dermapen stimulates collagen and cell renewal

You can learn more about all of our skin treatments, including pricing, here.

Dermapen and skin needling 

The pen creates invisible micro-punctures which trigger your body’s natural healing process, increasing the production of collagen. It does feel slightly uncomfortable, mostly on the forehead and jawline, but it is temporary. We have stress balls for your squeezing pleasure. Or if transcendental meditation is more your style, we have headphones with meditative music. All Dermapen and skin needling treatments include Mesotherapy, where we infuse active ingredients into the mesodermal layers of the skin to treat your skin concerns, while stimulating collagen and elastin. 

Recovery time ~ You’ll see the full benefit of this treatment in 7-10 days. 

Frequency of treatment ~ If you’re treating pigmentation and acne scarring, we recommend having this treatment every 2-4 weeks until your end-goal is achieved. Treating anti-ageing? Come and see us every 4-6 weeks until you’re kicking your skin happiness goals. 

Microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion and crystal dermabrasion  

The micro nozzle feels like a slight suction-type abrasion over the skin’s surface. It’s non-ablative and pain-free. You’ll hear a gentle vibration or light hum in the background, which some find really relaxing! We love micros for many reasons, not least because they have the added benefit of lymphatic drainage. 

Recovery time ~ You’ll see the full benefit of your micro in just two days. Add LED Light Therapy to your micro and you’ll be ready to glow and go straight away; perfect before a special event.

Frequency of treatment ~ Depending on your skin goals and concerns, you can have micros as frequently as every two weeks. Or for maintenance to keep those dead skin cells at bay, every eight weeks. 


The ultimate sensory experience for your skin, you’ll feel heat and tingling as your peel works its magic. After the peel, serums and a mask are applied for maximum product penetration and relaxation. 

Recovery time ~ You’ll see the full benefit of this treatment in 7-10 days. 

Frequency of treatment ~ For surface-layer pigmentation and acne, we recommend peels every two weeks until your end-goal is achieved. To treat the deeper dermal layers, come and see us every 4-6 weeks until you’re kicking your skin happiness goals.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy works on a cellular level to trigger your skin’s natural healing process and repair collagen and elastin breakdown.

LED Light Therapy

The ultimate in relaxation. Prepare yourself for a chill (or even a snooze), bright lights and brilliant skin. You’ll lay down to relax on our plush beds, and we’ll place protective goggles over your eyes and the LED machine above your face. Many of our clients enjoy using our headphones to listen to meditative music and completely zone-out. The treatment itself? There isn’t any sensation on the skin, but we like to prepare clients for bright lights and changes in the light colours. Imagine a relaxing disco! 

Recovery time ~ No down-time, you’ll be glowing and see the results immediately, so LED is fantastic pre-event. 

Frequency of treatment ~ For more severe skin conditions like eczema and rosacea, you could come three times a week. For everyone else, you can have LEDs added to any skin treatment, have them as maintenance between your other treatments, or just the occasional LED pre-event. Our client Jacquie comes for LED and a meditation every Friday!


We use a fine blade to de-fuzz and remove dead skin cells. It’s completely pain-free. You’ll feel a soft, gentle scrape over the skin’s surface, and you may hear a gentle scratching sound. We have two Dermaplaning treatments; the first includes a gentle peel, or for the ultimate Dermaplaning experience, we add a mask and LED Light Therapy. 

Recovery time ~ Just one day. Dermaplaning is great pre-event as it creates a smooth canvas for makeup application. 

Frequency of treatment ~ It de-fuzzes for 4-6 weeks. Hair doesn’t grow back faster, thicker or darker. So for pre-event glam, book as needed.

IRPL pigmentation treatment

IRPL is effective on even the darkest pigmentation.

IRPL (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light)

Fab for pigmentation, this treatment targets patches of pigmentation at the deepest layers of the skin to extract it. You’ll feel a temporary rush of heat to the area being treated, and we may also use a cooling process to draw heat out of the skin. 

Recovery time ~ 7-10 days

Frequency of treatment ~ Minimum of three treatments, spaced seven days apart until pigment is removed.

Fractional radiotherapy 

Tightens and smooths by sending vibrations through the skin. You’ll feel a pickling sensation as we infuse active ingredients into the skin. 

Recovery time ~ None, so this is another great pre-event option.

Frequency of treatment ~ Depends on the type of pigmentation and your skin goals. 

Cosmelan de-pigmentation

Learn more about the Cosmelan treatment and post-care here, or book a complimentary consultation with a Dermal Therapist to discuss your individual pigmentation concerns and skin goals. 

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What to expect after your treatment 

Immediately after

Once your treatment is finished, your Dermal Therapist will guide you back to the reception area and discuss any skincare or supplements she may recommend. Next, you’ll discuss your post-treatment care and she’ll leave you with a plan to take home. 

Up to 24 hours after

This varies depending on the treatment, but for most treatments, the post-treatment care follows these steps:

  1. Wait for twelve hours before your first post-treatment cleanse, then use a gentle cleanser.
  2. For the first few days, only use your gentle cleanser, oil and SPF. No correctives or exfoliants.  
  3. SPF is crucial in the days following a skin treatment and should be re-applied every two hours. Even if you’re at-home, UV rays can reflect off outside surfaces. Learn more about SPFs here.

Up to five days after

On day five you can usually re-introduce your correctives, exfoliants and your usual skincare routine. This may vary depending on your skin treatment, so follow the post-treatment care provided by your Dermal Therapist.

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our Dermal Therapists online or in our Cleveland beauty salon. We’ll discuss everything from your budget and time available to your skin concerns, diet, lifestyle and hormones. Together, we’ll create a plan your skin happiness journey.