The Yes Please Skin Clinic Story 

Hi, Renae here, Dermal Therapist and Yes Please Skin Clinic founder. I often get asked how Yes Please came to be, and how did I choose the name name Yes Please?   

It started about twenty years ago (yes, I’m that old)… I've always had a passion for caring for people. During my first career as a Dental Assistant, my career path pivoted after seeing my sister struggle with extreme teenage acne. 

Redlands business beauty salon owner

I followed her to countless Doctor, Dermatologist, and Aesthetician clinics, watched her disappointment when yet another treatment or product failed. I felt her heartache from being teased, and the embarrassment that no makeup would conceal the acne.

Finally, after six years of trying everything on offer, she resorted to taking a heavy drug to ‘cure’ her acne, with severe and uncomfortable side effects. It temporarily reduced the acne, but was more of a band-aid solution to a deeper problem.

My purpose in life suddenly became clear! I dove straight in and begun studying at one of Australia’s best beauty colleges. I began my career in some of the south-side’s most-loved beauty clinics and salons, managing teams, and working with wonderful clients.

And then came my vision for something new and different: a skin clinic offering bespoke treatments that achieved real results. This was at a time where you chose a facial from a menu, usually focused on relaxation over results. I envisaged a space where a caring, passionate, and highly-skilled team could create change and joy for our clients, whether it be a brow shape or a skin transformation. 

In April 2017, Yes Please Skin Clinic was born

I now have an INCREDIBLE, like-minded team that I'm grateful for every day. Together, we are committed to continually learning about the latest industry techniques, science, products, and technology to perfect our craft. 

And as for the name, I hope I don’t disappoint but it wasn’t some ingenious well-planned thing with an underlying meaning! Anyone who’s started a business knows how it is; you spend hours thinking about the name, over-thinking it, and then thinking some more.  ‘Yes Please’ came to mind suddenly one day and that was it. I was raised to have great manners, and I could imagine clients saying “Yes please, I want glowing skin”, and it just felt right!