Prevention + Maintenance = Great Skin

Meet Jacquie and Gabriella, our lovely mother and daughter duo. They’ve been coming to Yes Please since we opened in 2017. We love seeing them regularly for skin treatments, brow styling, massage, waxing, and Gabriella’s occasional spray tan.

Although we prescribe Jacquie and Gabriella different skincare routines, they love that they can share many of their Skinstitut products and that they’re just 3 for $99 - great quality skincare with active ingredients, on a budget. 

Gabriella's skin journey

Teen acne before and after

Gabriella’s skin, before and after treatments

When Gabriella first came to Yes Please, she was at school and was suffering from mild teen acne. Her role as a performer required her to wear a lot of makeup and, performing leads to sweat, both of which can aggravate acne. 

Gabriella’s goal ~ to maintain great skin throughout her career


Gabriella’s treatment plan to clear her skin included micros, extractions and LED Light Therapy. She now has regular treatments to maintain her healthy, glowing skin. 

Between being a performer and a University student, her lifestyle and skincare needs vary significantly from week to week. We worked with her to create a skincare routine that could be as flexible as her days were, including double-cleansing and extra hydration on performance days.

She loves the Skinstitut skincare range. At the core of her routine are the Gentle Cleanser, Multi-Active Mist, Age Defence SPF 50+ and Multi-Active Oil. Gabriella also uses the Hydrating Mask, Retinol Serum. She has other correctives to use as and when her skin needs them. 

“I use Curtis Collection for almost all of my makeup application for every occasion. I love that I can use the Matte Perfection Finish Foundation for everyday wear but also build it up for stage when I'm performing. I use the Deluxe Mineral Powder regularly through a performance to make sure I'm not shiny after sweating before going back on stage. It's a lifesaver! During my non-Uni or non-performance days, I like to use CC Cream  for a natural look whilst also giving my skin a break from the makeup!”

Non-comedogenic makeup for performers


Gabriella’s Curtis Collection makeup picks:

Jacquie’s routine 

Jacquie is a fantastic example of how consistency and maintenance can deliver beautiful skin. Hers is thanks to fantastic genes, healthy diet and lifestyle, a prescribed skincare routine, regular skin treatments and weekly LED Light Therapy - the best part of her week. 

"I go into some sort of semi-meditative state. It makes me so relaxed."


It’s also doing a world of good for her skin. LED Light Therapy works at a cellular level to repair collagen and elastin breakdown. For Jackie, its minimising lines and slowing down the ageing process.  


LED Light Therapy Cleveland

 Every Friday Jacquie enjoys our LED Light Therapy + Express Exfoliation treatment, $79


LED Light Therapy can also be used to treat acne, pigmentation, scarring and more. It’s quick, non-invasive, relaxing and highly effective. Many clients see incredible results after just one session. 

Jacquie’s skincare routine includes Gentle CleanserMulti-Active MistAge Defence SPF 50+Multi-Active OilEven Blend Serum, Glycolic Scrub and everyone's favourite: Imbibe Collagen

Like Gabriella, she uses Curtis Collection makeup, including the CC Cream, Matte Perfection Finish Foundation, plus a bronzer and brow styler. 


Pro tip ~ LED Light Therapy is AMAZING for the skin but also has other therapeutic benefits like easing pain and fighting depression. It can also help improve productivity, increase alertness and help with difficulty sleeping. 

We offer complimentary consultations online or in clinic, for skin, skincare and makeup colour-match. Book online or by calling 3286 1691.