Pre and Post-Tan Care

You’ve booked your spray tan or chosen your self-tan. You’re ready to get that post-Bali glow. Here’s how to prep for your tan, and how to extend the life of it. 

Pro tip ~ Are you tanning for a special occasion for a holiday? Tans are at their best 24 hours after application, so consider that when booking.

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  • Wax 24 hours before, or shave 8 hours before your tan. This will prep your skin for maximum absorption by removing dead skin cells, making way for new tan-ready skin cells.
  • Shower and exfoliate just before your tanning application. We recommend a hydrating PH-balanced body wash, like this one. Avoid soap and ultra-nourishing body washes that leave a film this stage. Some create a barrier on the skin, preventing that golden goodness from doing its job.
  • Exfoliation is an important step. Thoroughly removing those dead skin cells and old tan will extend the life of your tan and prevent dark patches. We recommend exfoliating a few times in the days leading up to your tan. Riffi Mitt is our all-time favourite exfoliating glove. Use this to be sure that no pesky dead skin cells interfere with your glow.
  • Post-shower, skip the moisturiser, makeup, perfume, oils and deodorant. Again, these can create a barrier or - worse yet - a streaky tan.
  • If you’re coming to us in Cleveland for your organic spray tan wear loose clothing, ideally something dark-coloured. Remove all jewellery and don’t forget your slides or flip flops. We provide single-use disposable underwear for your convenience.

Pro tip ~ Book your mani and pedi for before you tan. The products and soaking can remove your tan. 

Tanning application 

If you’ve opted for a MoroccanTan self-tan, follow the instructions closely. We recommend applying and perfecting your tan with the MoroccanTan Tan Applicator Mitt 2 IN 1 Blend + Buff. We’ve trialled and tested a LOT of tanning mitts, and this reusable, washable mitt is our fave.

If you’re coming to Yes Please in Cleveland for our signature spray tan application, we’ll work with you to find a bespoke spray tan application based on your complexion and skin type. Whether you’re looking for deep brown or golden bronze, or if you need a tan that develops in less than an hour, we’ve got you.

Pro tip ~ If you’re going on holiday, take your self-tan and applicator mitt (in the bag it comes in). You can touch-up and reapply as needed.

moroccantan self tan cleveland

When your tan is developing 

  • Don’t touch your body while your tan is drying. You can speed up the drying process at home by staying in the air-con, or by carefully drying yourself with a hairdryer on the cold and low settings.
  • Once you’ve gotten dressed into loose clothing, leave those clothes on until your tan has finished developing. Taking clothes off and on can streak your tan.
  • If you accidentally make any streak marks, simply press and dab with your finger to blend the streak in. Don’t forget to remove it from your finger afterwards carefully!
  • Avoid getting your tan wet while it’s developing, including sweat. We recommend using a small amount of baby powder as a deodorant to help avoid sweating. A necessity for tanning during a Brisbane summer!
  • Once your tan has developed, have a quick shower under warm water (no soap or body wash) with gentle pressure until the water runs clear. Pat dry with a towel, don’t rub. Skip the moisturiser, makeup, oils and deodorant again.
  • After that first rinse, your tan may appear lighter than you’d hoped. Don’t worry; your tan will take up to 24 hours to develop fully.
  • The next time you shower, do so as usual with your everyday body wash. You can now also use moisturiser, makeup, perfume and deodorant.

Pro tip ~ While your tan is developing, protect your sheets (or sofa) with our sheet and pillow protector. You’ll save yourself a load of washing!


Now, let’s extend the life of that post-Bali glow with these three simple tips:

  1. Avoid exfoliating.
  2. Avoid soaps and products with oils, as some can reduce the life of your tan.
  3. Moisturise twice daily. We love MoroccanTan Gradual Tan + Extender and Hydrator, 3 in 1.

Happy glowing!