"It’s My Time"

 Cassie is BUSY! She has three young boys and a family business, making it hard to find time for self-care. In early 2019 Cassie was experiencing cystic acne on her forehead which affected her daily life. She lacked the confidence to go out without makeup, even to the gym or for the school run.

"It was really embarrassing." 

Cassie decided it was time to prioritise making herself look and feel her best, starting with her skin. And we’re so glad she decided to do it with us!


Cassie's treatment plan 

Goodbye, Roaccutane! The first step was to treat her cystic acne. Cassie was taking the drug Roaccutane to treat the acne, which has severe side-effects and sensitises the skin, ruling out intensive skin treatments. So Cassie and her Dermal Therapist spoke in-depth about the process of coming off the medication, and Cassie decided to go for it. 

Always talk to a healthcare professional before stopping any prescribed medication. 


Holistic review  

Cassie’s Dermal Therapist reviewed her lifestyle and diet to uncover any factors that could be contributing to her acne. We know that Roaccutane can alter the gut’s microbiome, so Cassie started with Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal, a probiotic concentrate expertly-formulated to rebalance the specific gut flora that influences clear and radiant skin. 


Rebuild skin health and repair barrier function 

Our skin’s barrier function is the outermost layer of the skin, which helps to maintain moisture levels and protect us from external and environmental factors. When it's impaired, toxins can store in the skin, often resulting in inflammation and other skin conditions. 

Cassie’s skin barrier had been impaired from the medication, so we started off gently with steaming, extractions and LED Light Therapy to calm inflammation and re-build the skin’s health. 



Once her barrier function had been repaired, we were able to begin Dermpen treatments to repair the skin whilst treating scarring, post-inflammatory pigmentation and fine lines. 

Cassie still has regular skin treatments to maintain her glowing skin, further reduce pigmentation, and to prevent advanced-ageing. 


Cystic adult acne, post-partum pigmentation


Zoned skincare routine 

Cassie LOVES her routine and keeps her prescribed weekly routine handy in her bathroom. The routine changes depending on various environmental and lifestyle factors. 

Pro tip: zoning your skincare is great for problem areas that need more specialised, focussed attention. 

Our Dermal Therapists can prescribe you a skincare routine that may include zoning. Cassie’s includes using Skinstitut Even Blend Serum to treat pigmentation zones and Retinol in breakout-prone zones. 

Cassie uses a combination of Dermalogica and Skinstitut skincare, plus the Dermal Roller twice weekly, and she loves sleeping in the Enzymatic Micro Peel on the nights it’s been prescribed. Enzymatic Micro Peel is suitable for most skin types and is one of our fave products for its gentle exfoliation action that also gives a hydrated, radiant glow the next morning. 

Cassie’s love for Imbibe gut health continues, and she now has the whole range! She also uses Curtis Collection makeup, has our Moroccantan spray tans and the occasional massage with the lovely Chelsea. She also loves injectables, our Brow Sculpt + Tint and anything else we bring out!


‘I hardly ever wear makeup now… Having that confidence, knowing my skin is glowing all the time.’


We love seeing Cassie every second Friday for her ‘me time’. And we’re so happy to be part of her skin transformation and self-care journey. 


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