How does LED Light therapy work for your skin?

When it comes to your skin, you want a refreshing, vibrant look that reflects your confidence and how you feel as a person. While regular exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way towards nourishing you from the inside out, sometimes you want an extra boost from the outside in.

Yes Please Skin offers a wide variety of beauty treatments that are known to produce visible, lasting results. One of these is LED Light therapy.

LED Light therapy is a treatment that uses clinically proven wavelengths delivered at the optimised intensity which enables effective photobiomodulation of targeted cells and skin tissue. Different colours of light can produce specific and distinct benefits.

Rejuvenating Red light accelerates cell renewal and repair, boosting collagen and elastin synthesis for smoother, firmer skin.

Blemish fighting Blue light destroys the bacteria which causes spots and helps in the prevention of breakouts.

Although there is many at home LED therapy masks available on the market today the results will differ substantially. The biggest reason for this difference is due to the strength of the nano-meter wavelengths used in clinic devices vs the at home kind. Professional skin clinics can provide higher intensity treatments so you can see results in far fewer treatments than at home brands.

What skin conditions can LED therapy treat? Take a look!

Cell Rejuvenation
Sometimes life can be stressful and that negative energy can show up in the construction of your skin. Thankfully, overall skin repair can be approached using red LED, or RLT to rejuvenate your cells. Red light therapy (RLT) works by increasing the functioning of your cells’ mitochondria. Your mitochondria are the energy factories of your cells. These powerhouses process oxygen and convert your food into usable energy for your body.

RLT works by stimulating your mitochondria to produce more energy, which can help your skin rejuvenate itself at a cellular level without damaging its surface. RLT is just one of many approaches to skin therapy Yes Please Skin offers as beauty services in Redlands.

Acne Treatment
Clear skin is something desired by many. Blue LED light has antibacterial properties that can help clear acne-prone skin and it’s believed the light works by limiting how much oil your sebaceous glands produce. This, in turn, means fewer pores become clogged with dirt and oil, resulting in fewer pimples.

Blue LED light may also kill off the bacteria on your skin that is known to cause acne, leading to a clearer complexion.

Wrinkle Reduction
As a leading anti aging skin clinic in Cleveland, Yes Please also offers state-of-the-art LED therapies for wrinkle reduction. Near infra-red light boosts collagen production in your skin. This can help fight against skin damage and the appearance of aging.

Near infra-red light is that wavelength of light which is closest to what humans can see, but just past the spectrum of visibility.  A bit of unseen magic right here in our clinic!

The best in Cleveland skin care includes treatments to target persistent scarring. Red light therapy’s powers of renewal use non-invasive treatments to promote growth in places where the body has slowed down. In much the same way that infrared light can promote growth in plants, it can also amazingly spur the growth of newness in humans. This can improve the look of scarred and wounded skin.

If you suffer from the itchy redness of eczema you may want to try RLT to reduce your inflammation. As an effective, natural treatment this form of therapy can improve your symptoms and reduce flaky skin, reddening, swelling, and much more.

RLT and blue light therapy are also used to combat the effects of psoriasis at our Redlands beauty therapy clinic. Reduce your red patches and discomfort without the application of medication or creams.

Yes Please Skin offers a high-quality selfcare experience through a holistic and informed approach. LED Light therapy, Redlands, is a prominent aspect of our services that can garner the results you seek. Whether you are looking to improve aging skin, target your acne, or find an effective treatment for another persistent skin condition, our knowledgeable team is here to help you glow.

(Below Image - Before and After LED Therapy Treatments)

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