How we Helped to Boost Kirsteen’s Confidence

Two years ago when we first met Kirsteen she was struggling with grade four acne, and it was affecting her daily life. She didn’t want to go to the beach or do anything where she couldn’t wear makeup. 

‘I was just buying online and from the chemist; things that weren’t specifically designed for my skin and weren’t working… at all.’

Adult acne before and after

 Skin goal ~ to go to the beach makeup-free and feel confident 

We were heartbroken to hear how her skin affected her daily life. Having lived with difficult skin conditions ourselves, we fully understand the impact this can have on someone's confidence.  

We love getting to the root cause of skin conditions by understanding a client’s lifestyle, diet, hydration levels, hormones and any other contributing factors. We then set a skin goal and create a bespoke skin treatment plan and at-home skincare routine.  

During her first consultation, Kirsteen’s Dermal Therapist tweaked her skincare routine, working with some Skinstitut products she already had, and added some new products to accelerate her progress. During Kirsteen's holistic review they discovered that gluten and dairy were aggravating the acne. Carefully removing those from her diet really helped to calm the active, inflamed acne. Always speak with a health professional before removing food groups from your diet. 

Kirsteen’s bespoke treatment plan worked to reduce active breakouts while treating congestion and remaining inflammation. To do this, Kirsteen’s Dermal Therapist performed some skin rejuvenation peels, Vitamin A treatments and LED Light Therapy. Once the acne was under control, we moved on to Dermapen skin needling (the bee's knees of acne scarring treatment) to reduce Kirsteen’s deep scarring. 

Not sure which treatment you need? Book the ‘I don’t know what I want’ experience; a 1-hour appointment where one of our skin-savvy therapists will help you choose the perfect treatment and kick off your journey to skin happiness.


 Dermapen treats acne scarring

 Dermapen targets the skin at a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This renews and smooths the uneven pits left by acne. 


And how is Kirsteen’s skin now?

“I’m so much more confident in myself without makeup and just happier in myself in general. I hardly ever wear makeup now. It's the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” 


Kirsteen's current skincare routine:

3 for $99* or 5 for $149* on all Skinstitut products. Great for those on a budget or just getting started on their skincare journey. 

Kirsteen also loves the Curtis Collection mineral makeup range. It's great for all skin types, especially those with acne because it won’t clog your skin, it hydrates and is actually GOOD for your skin. The foundations come in a range of coverage and finish options. So whether you’re wanting your-skin-but-better coverage or an airbrush finish, Curtis Collection has it. Pop in to Yes Please in Cleveland any time for a complimentary foundation match. Or we can help you find the right one in an online consultation


3 for $99 or 5 for $149 on all Skinstitut products. We can prescribe a Skinstitut skincare routine to suit your skin. Learn more about our complimentary online or in-clinic consultations.