From Adult Acne to Makeup-free… on a Budget

The lovely Chelsea first came to Yes Please Skin Clinic a year ago to treat grade three adult acne on her chin and jawline. Like many of our clients with this condition, Chelsea didn’t have acne growing up, so it came as a huge surprise during adulthood! 

Chelsea told us that she "hated going out" and was losing self-confidence, which is something we hear often, and it breaks our hearts! Chelsea didn’t want to wear makeup; she wanted “to feel confident in a more natural way”. After seeing her friend, another Yes Please client, on her honeymoon makeup-free, Chelsea was motivated to make the call. 

She contacted our reception team and booked in for the ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’ skin treatment. In this treatment, we create a bespoke skin treatment plan and skincare routine, depending on your unique skin type, goals, concerns, time, and budget.

Chelsea had recently bought her first house so budget was a key consideration when developing her treatment plan and prescribing skincare products. She and her Dermal Therapist set themselves a goal.

Skin goal ~ to be makeup-free within a year  

Adult acne before and after facial   Chelsea's skin before, and after just a few treatments


Chelsea's treatment plan

Our Dermal Therapist started with a holistic skin review where they discussed diet, lifestyle, and other contributing factors. Chelsea began working on her internal health, including reducing her sugar intake. She also started wearing sun protection to protect her skin. 

Pro tip ~ processed carbs and sugars feed acne. Reduce or remove these triggers from your diet to minimise flare-ups. Whole foods and a balanced diet are essential.

Chelsea’s first skin treatments were designed to calm the skin, reduce inflammation, treat active breakouts, remove congestion and improve overall skin health. To achieve this, her Dermal Therapist performed a combination of extractions, Vitamin A treatments, some peels, masks and LED Light Therapy. After four months (one treatment per month), Chelsea’s skin had cleared up considerably. She was now ready for the bee’s knees in acne scarring treatment: Dermapen, which she now has regularly.  
Dermapen acne scarring treatment
Dermapen stimulates collagen and cell renewal, making acne scars smoother and less defined

Chelsea’s skin results were achieved in ten months (one appointment per month). Your skin’s cell turnover is once every 4-6 weeks, so its essential to keep on top of your regular appointments, especially if you have skin concerns like Chelsea’s. 

For women, we often schedule skin treatments at particular times of the month, depending on their cycle and how their acne presents at different times. When acne is active and inflamed, the services we can provide are limited. Still effective, but limited. To get the best possible results, we like to treat the skin when the acne is inactive, or less inflamed. This allows us to use more intensive treatments, which work to treat the cause, instead of the flare. 

Pro tip ~ if you have breakouts or acne, make your appointment for when your skin is inactive. Women, bring us photos of your skin at different times of your cycle. Men, take pictures of your skin and note what you’re eating, drinking and doing when your skin becomes more active.  


At-home routine 

All of our clients receive a prescribed at-home skincare routine. Chelsea’s varies, depending on what her skin is up to, the season, lifestyle factors and her cycle. Here are some of the products in her bathroom cabinet:

    3 for $99* or 5 for $149* on all Skinstitut products. Great for those on a budget or just getting started on their skincare journey. 

    Chelsea is makeup-free most of the time, but for the days she wants some more coverage, she uses Curtis Collection's CC cream. It colour-corrects for a ‘your skin, but better’ look. 

    During the period we had to close due to COVID-19, Chelsea had a complimentary online consultation to check-in on how her skin was progressing. To accelerate her results in the absence of in-clinic skin treatments, Chelsea introduced the Dermal Roller to her routine twice weekly to stimulate collagen production and heal scarring. 

    Did Chelsea achieve her goal? Yes, she did! In just ten months! Needless to say, we were all was ecstatic on that day. And the sweetheart sent us flower to say thanks! 

    Are you wanting results like Chelsea, but are short on cash or time? We specialise in bespoke skin treatments, which means everything down to your treatment's cost and time can be customised to suit YOU. Book your complimentary online or in-clinic skin consultation to discuss your skin goals with a Dermal Therapist.
    That means that we can accommodate your budget to minimum products, maximum results.
    * Or $49 each. Online prices. In-clinic prices may vary.